Why Outsource Your Records Management?

Records management companies

Records management requires an investment in time, tools and training. With so many companies forced to do more with less, it can fall to the bottom of the priority list…which is detrimental to document security and organizational efficiency.

That’s where outsourced records management can help.

First, What Is Records Management Outsourcing?

While specific services vary by provider, records management outsourcing involves transferring files to a secure offsite records center. There they are stored, tracked and maintained by records management professionals.

Should you need the files, they are delivered to your location and then re-filed upon return. Many records management providers also offer digital storage services.

Why Outsource?

1. Free Up Valuable Office Space

Are file cabinets and boxes taking over your workspace? Are you continually having to invest in additional filing systems, or even additional office floorspace in order to keep up with your file storage needs?

Storing files offsite frees up space for more productive use, such as employee workspaces or meeting areas. You may even be able to rent out the extra space.

2. Enhance Security

A security breach can devastate both your company’s finances and reputation. A records management company offers offsite protected storage and enhanced security. For example, the Stacks records center is protected by 24-hour security systems, including restricted entry, alarms and motion detectors.

3. Get Back in Business After a Disaster

A fire or natural disaster can wipe out vital information…and bring your business operations to a screeching halt. Even “paper free” businesses are vulnerable to loss through digital theft or human error.

Offsite hard copy record storage or hard drive rotation is like an insurance policy against the loss of your current and historical data. The faster you can access your records, the faster you can get back in business.

4. Improve the Flow of Information

When you need a document, either for an internal process or to help a customer, you need it fast…not days from now.

The average business produces so much data, finding necessary information is too often a time-consuming and frustrating challenge.

By storing less-frequently-accessed files offsite, you’ll have fewer, more relevant records on hand. The stored records can still be accessed quickly if need be—either delivered to the office or through a scan-on-demand service, where records are scanned and sent in an encrypted email.

The result? A more efficient workflow, quicker turnaround, and better service for customers.

5. Employees Can Focus on What They Do Best

Employees can spend hours on records management activities like document shredding or filing…hours that would be far better spent doing what they were actually hired to do.

By outsourcing your records management, you free your employees to focus their time and talent on core business activities that produce for your company.

6. Helps You Comply With Government Regulations

Numerous state and federal regulations mandate the storage and destruction of records. If your company handles particularly sensitive data, such as medical records or legal documents, the privacy laws are even more stringent. The laws change frequently, adding to the challenge.

It is the business of records management companies to understand and keep in compliance with these complex laws. Outsourcing the task allows you to focus on your business, knowing your information is secure.

7. Better Fulfill Legal Discovery and Audit Requests

No one likes to think about an audit, but has your company considered the consequences if you can’t produce a legally required document or document history? If you don’t have the information necessary to prove your case, your company could be found liable by default. You can also be penalized for delays in producing the information.

A records management provider can help you not only find required documents in a timely manner, but maintain document-level “audit trails.” For example, Stacks uses an industry specific software, RS-SQL, that allows us to manage and track records requests. Barcode tracking pinpoints the exact location of your information at any time.

8. Gain Best Practices and Expertise in Records Management

Working with an expert records management provider gives you access to a higher level of knowledge, best business practices, and the latest technology resources.


Ultimately, it’s about more than just storing files. The right outsourcing partner can help you create and enact a holistic PLAN for records management. This helps keep you compliant, working at the peak of efficiency, and providing quicker turnaround and better service for your customers.

If you’re in Topeka, Kansas City or surrounding areas, and want to know how working with Stacks can benefit your business, contact us today at 888-832-9443. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about outsourcing your records management.