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Why Outsource Your Records Management

Records management requires an investment in time, tools and training. With so many companies forced to do more with less, it can fall to the bottom of the priority list...which is detrimental to document security and organizational efficiency.

That’s where outsourced records management can help.

First, What Is Records Management Outsourcing?

While specific services vary by provider, records management outsourcing involves transferring files to a secure offsite records center. There they are stored, tracked and maintained by records management professionals.

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Shred, Scan, or Store? Records Management Basics

Managing records is a vital part of any business. Packing all your files away in boxes and storing them indefinitely might seem like the simplest way to go about it, but this can lead to big problems in terms of efficiency, security and even legality. Effective records management is all about knowing when to shred, scan or store.

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Why Records Management Is Crucial to Your Business

Records management can fall by the wayside as companies try to do more with less. However, not addressing the issue and instituting a defined records management system costs more in terms of operational efficiency, and can even lead to regulatory and legal troubles. Here are five reasons why records management is crucial to your business.

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5 Information Storage Rules Your Business Can’t Ignore

Does your company properly store and dispose of important documents as required? If not, your records could be compromised and legal action could be taken against your business. Here are five information storage rules your business can’t ignore.

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Can My Business Be Held Liable for a Data Breach?

Scarcely a day goes by without a story of a data breach in the headlines. If your business handles sensitive customer information, you may wonder if your company can be held liable for a data breach.

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