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Offsite Records Storage

Why You Should Store Your Records Offsite

Storing your company's business records offsite is an important part of your business continuity plan.  Even businesses that try to be completely "paper free" maintain historical information either in hard drive or hard copy records.  Digital information can be lost either through error or criminal activity and returning to business after a disaster - natural or otherwise - can potentially wipe out a thriving business.  Offsite hard copy record storage or hard drive rotation is an inexpensive insurance policy against the loss of current and historical data.

For a minimal monthly fee you can add compliance and continuity to your business plan, increase employee productivity, and reduce overhead costs. We offer free scan-on-demand of your records, securely sent to you, so your information is as close and accessible as if it were onsite.  Let us help you transition your records to STACKS so you can enjoy convenient access, a click away.

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