Records Management

Record management compliance

Formidable Records Management Technology Pinpoints the Exact Location of Your Information

Our business is built on technology that allows us to pinpoint the exact location of your information at any time by tracking every activity from request and retrieval to delivery and return.

The ability to provide a detailed tracking process or “audit trail” is critical as there are legal requirements regarding retention of an organization’s records.   Has your business considered the consequences if you could not find or track the movement of a legally required document?  If you don’t have the information necessary to prove your case, your company by default, could be found liable.  Conversely, if you have information that is damaging to your case that should have been destroyed, your organization could unwittingly be at risk for financial loss.

Our  trucks are clearly marked and our drivers wear STACKS uniforms and identification badges that confirm your files are delivered and picked up by an authorized representative of STACKS.  From our location to yours using GPS technology, our trucks are actively tracked. Our drivers are equipped with hand-held mobile devices that document the transition of each file.  This documented chain of custody is paramount in providing you with an audit trail of your records.


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