Webfile Express

Web file express

You’ve digitally converted your records.  Now what?

The value of digital records is more than just reducing the space required to store paper records.  The long term goal should be a combination of server-based storage and workflow process improvement.  Just storing your records digitally without a detailed method or system of managing them will not be enough to justify the document conversion costs.  We have the perfect solution.  WebFile Express.

Now that your records are digitally converted, these questions can help you determine if WebFile Express is the solution for your records:

  • Would immediate 24/7 access to your vital business records enhance your business processes?
  • Is there benefit to your organization in storing digital files in a highly secure environment and not on your server?
  • Do you have offsite locations or employees that need immediate access to files currently stored elsewhere?
  • Do you have business processes that can be improved through automation?

Vital business records shouldn’t be trusted to a cloud.

Many small businesses can’t always afford the multiple security layers required to prevent an external attack.  Business owners realize that even with the best internet security, their vital records are still at risk.  Whether you have a dedicated IT staff onsite or contract that service outside of your organization, their goal is to protect your day-to-day system operations.  But what about the vital records contained within that system?  If your system was at risk would your business records be at risk as well?

Having an offsite digital record repository is what makes WebFile Express the perfect solution for many small businesses who are seeking to separate their vital business records from storage on their server.  Unlike cloud-based storage, WebFile Express gives only you access to your repository. WebFile Express is a server-based records repository that prevents possible access between accounts. Why use a cloud when you can use a brick wall that is reinforced to prevent access, and documents and tracks the records that are stored within it.

Benefits Include:

  • Your own website; your own database
  • No investment in hardware or IT personnel
  • Provides Internet redundancy
  • Insure proper procedures are carried out by automating and tracking compliance processes
  • Gain audit confidence with documented evidence of security controls, audit trails, user activity and document history

​Please visit our WebFile Express site for a complete explanation of our Software as a Service platform.