Document Scanning, Imaging & Digital Conversion

Which Records Should I Scan?

Document digital conversion

Business records fall into two categories; archival and active.  Archival records are required to be maintained in a different manner and for different reasons than records that are active within your current business processes. Storing archived records in a secure record center provides the due diligence your organization needs to maintain compliance and regulation standards.

Converting your archived records to digital format may be something your organization is considering.  The following are a few questions to help determine the best course for converting your records to a digital format:

  • How often are your records retrieved?
  • How many people need access to the records?
  • How will you retrieve your records?
  • Do you have a system in place to manage the digital records?
  • Once the records are converted, how will the information be managed moving forward?


Why incur the expense of scanning an entire box of files when a specific file can be scanned as needed? In many cases it is more economically feasible to store the paper records for 50 years than scan volumes of archival information.  This combined method of offsite records storage and “scan-on-demand” of a specific record allows us to send you the requested file via secure encrypted link.  This method of access allows for quicker utilization of the file, and provides you with a digital copy as well.

Back File Conversion

Should you choose to digitally preserve archival records, the “back file conversion” of your records provides:

  • Intelligent purging of inactive records
  • Expert guidance on which specific files or groups of files should be scanned
  • Indexing and secure record center storage of all of your files

You can decide whether you want 100% conversion of your archived records or simply a reduction of costs by selecting specific files or categories of files for conversion.

For an estimate or for more information on scanning and digitally imaging your records and evaluating whether archival or active record scanning would be beneficial to your organization, please call us 888-832-9443 or email us.  We look forward to helping you manage your imaging needs!