Media Vault

Media storage vault

Storing and managing your data and tapes in a climate controlled vault must be included in every business continuity plan. STACKS makes offsite data protection a worry-free task. 

We will schedule regular pickups, catalogue each tape or storage case, and provide you with real time inventory updates via RSWeb Access. Extremely delicate computer backup tapes, microfilm, microfiche and other technology materials are stored in our state-of-the-art climate controlled vault.

Service features include:

  • RSWeb Access to manage your vault inventory via a secure Web portal
  • Audit trails detailing the history of each tape
  • Regular system upgrades to ensure our systems never become outdated
  • Wireless vault technology allows real time inventory updating
  • 24/7 courier services which allows immediate access
  • Customizable rotation schedules that are right for you


Our media vault is surrounded by thick concrete walls and ceilings. The vault was recently expanded with direction from the Bick Group, a national leader in designing and building mission critical facilities.

Facility features include:

  • Below grade with one to two foot thick concrete walls
  • Gaseous fire suppression with an FM-200 system
  • Computer room grade air conditioner built by APC
  • 24/7 temperature & humidity controls and monitoring
  • Fire rated walls and ceiling
  • Security and fire alarm system with closed circuit digital video recorder
  • Water/leak prevention and protection with notification systems
  • Controlled and monitored access points
  • Client RSWeb Access to vault inventory and monitoring systems 

Schedule a tour of the facility and you’ll see why our offsite data management and storage customers in northeast Kansas feel confident they have made the most secure choice.