Case/Tape Rotation

Case / Tape rotation

If you’ve wondered if a tape rotation scheme was economically feasible for your small business where you only have a few small backup tapes and require only weekly or monthly rotation, you don’t need to look any further.

STACKSĀ provides backup tape rotation services for businesses who are looking to rotate the entire week or a month’s tapes on a less frequent basis.

Case rotation of your computer backup tapes is the most economical option for small businesses. In this scheme backup tapes or other backup media areĀ transported between your facility and ours in secured media case containers. The entire container is barcoded for proper tracking. You can then choose to have the container cycled back to you on a regular rotation schedule or on an on call basis.

We transport your media cases in a climate-controlled vehicle, from your facility directly to ours. We then store your media cases in our climate-controlled vault.