The STACKS Story

Stacks secure records facility

STACKS, formerly Jayhawk File Express, was founded in 1996 to fill the need for a quality, customer-focused, record management service in northeast Kansas. The founders proceeded to create a company that answered the growing need for archival file storage in a secure environment with computerized retrieval and tracking capabilities.

As the government continued to regulate the confidentiality and safeguarding of sensitive information, STACKS sought solutions for its customers. Our suite of services – hard copy records storage, document scanning, secure destruction, climate controlled data protection and electronic records storage – complement one another to provide solutions to meet demanding regulations and growing record management requirements.

Growing To Meet Market Demands

In 2016, in an attempt to further expand our presence in the marketplace and identify our organization more clearly we changed our name to STACKS, Secure Records.  As customer needs have increased, STACKS has grown to accommodate them. The company now serves more than 700 customers in the Midwest and across the United States. The STACKS team assists customers with file retention schedules, disaster recovery planning, as well as compliance with industry regulations.

In order to provide the safest, most secure services available, STACKS has built an organization dedicated to excellent customer service, security and technology. We invite you to put our team to work for yours.